Sunday, July 4, 2021

CHECK OUT | 'Baghdad' - Flo Perlin


Folk singer-songwriter Flo Perlin is a storyteller, and it is her wonderful way with words that will see her transcend genre and appeal to many.  

A London local with Iraqi and Belarusian heritage, Perlin has travelled the world, busking and determined to learn more about where she came from, and this sort of experience is evident on 'Baghdad', a song very much about family history. 

Perlin's enchanting voice tells a tale of what if. She sings about family in Baghdad, her grandparents, evoking feelings of childhood innocence through references to things  like favorite sweets before bringing in the stark contrasting image of war-torn feet. Its simple yet powerful, establishing the idea of the lives that were lived, the lives that were left and what her own life could've been like.

Baghdad' is taken from Characters, Perlin's upcoming album released on July 16th, and it's easy to see how this one fits into a project about understanding herself. This is about heritage and family, the two intrinsically linked and explored in this track right here. And if 'Baghdad' is anything to go by, the album is going to be absolutely stellar.


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